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In 2007, the dynamic partnership of Niki Shah and Hemant Kamdar gave birth to DBL, a design powerhouse that has since blossomed into a globally celebrated luxury design studio. With a talented team of several industry experts, we’ve set new standards in the world of design.

Our firm’s scale, the grandeur of our international interior design endeavors, and our enduring partnerships with suppliers are unrivaled.

As one of Mumbai’s most esteemed luxury interior design studios, DBL offers:

Over Three Decades of Expertise in Premium Architectural and Interior Design Projects An Award-Winning Team of Luxury Design Maestros An Unprecedented Commitment to Meticulous Detailing Your desires, aspirations, and unique tastes take center stage in our design journey in transforming your dreams into reality while exceeding your highest expectations.

Unleash Your Vision with Our Exquisite Luxury Interior Design Solutions

For the past three decades, the DBL Interior Design team has embarked on a global quest, unearthing a myriad of resources that empower us to offer an expansive spectrum of luxury interior design services to our discerning clientele. With projects spanning diverse scopes and budgets (take a glimpse of our prestigious luxury interior design portfolio).


Experts ready to serve.

Niki Shah


Niki Shah, an esteemed Architect with a wealth of experience gained in the United States, offers a comprehensive suite of Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design, and Construction Management Services, that span the globe. Her approach is a symphony of “perplexity,” “burstiness,” and “predictability,” seamlessly melded into each project.

With a proven process centered around communication, written documentation, meticulous planning, and flexible delivery options, Niki empowers her clients to actively engage in the creative journey. She thrives on uncovering diverse planning strategies and exploring a myriad of design options, ensuring that every project is a unique masterpiece.

Niki firmly believes that the cornerstone of perfection lies in the precise definition and unwavering determination of the project scope and the expectations of all stakeholders. This philosophy ensures that her designs not only meet but exceed the aspirations of her clients.

Her years of experience in the American architectural landscape have honed her skills to perfection, making her a sought-after expert across industries worldwide. Niki Shah’s dedication to innovation, dynamic design, and client-eccentric elevates her work to the pinnacle of excellence.

Hemant Kamdar


Hemant is not your average professional; a Principal Designer, Civil Engineer, and Construction Management Services, with strong technical skills, all rolled into one remarkable package. With a wealth of experience spanning over 32 years, Hemant brings a unique blend of skills to the table.

His impressive portfolio includes an array of diverse projects, ranging from multi-story buildings and residential complexes to commercial endeavors and luxurious resorts. Hemant’s forte lies in Designing, Estimation and Budgeting, and Construction, where his meticulous attention to detail ensures that every project is financially optimized for success.

Hemant firmly believes that the key to a project’s triumph lies in its functional design and punctual completion. His unwavering commitment to deadlines and his adept project management skills make him the ideal partner for any venture.

When you collaborate with Hemant Kamdar, you are enlisting the expertise of a seasoned professional who doesn’t just meet expectations but surpasses them with a proven track record of excellence.




They love us.

Mr Hitesh Tejani, Malad, Mumbai

“DBL helped us streamline our own requirements. They provided valuable insights when it came to designing my office space. From showing us various building materials to brainstorming the layout, it was a great experience.”

Dr. Nayesh Patani, Goregaon, Mumbai

“What a fun bunch to work with! As promised by DBL, all went according to the plan and budget. DBL team listens, understands and then presents various options to suit our requirement. We loved the end product”

Dr. Hetal Shah, Malad, Mumbai

“I loved DBL. It was so easy to communicate with all of them. Their Architects and Engineers are so well qualified and have a great ‘problem-solving’ attitude towards the entire process. They take ownership of the project like it is their home and come back with solutions which fits my requirements…”

Mr. Kini Shah, Juhu, Mumbai

“DBL is a one-stop shop when designing your home or office. My complete design in 3D, total budget, and a construction week-wise schedule, was finalized with us before they started construction. All materials and specifications were approved by us and we were aware and comfortable with all the costs before we started any construction.”

Ms. Purvi Choksi, Lonavla

“DBL’s USP is on-time and in-budget and they hold themselves to it. What impressed us is how transparent their entire process was. There was never any doubt in our mind regarding the design, costs, and the completion time.”

Mr. Santosh Singh, Thane, Mumbai

“A thorough and a tightly looped process helped me make decisions quickly with the DBL design team. They kept me involved throughout the process while designing and building my office.”